T82M fishing rod design for PE6-8# of tuna and Seriola quinqueradiata(>20kg). 100 grams of pencil bait can operate freely.It can not cause of tired when catch some times.

When the fishing rod inverted 45 degrees , 60 degrees, 70 degrees and 80 degrees, the fishing rod still maintained the durability of the high strength,let the fisher stability of  center of gravity and have a powder to big game.

45°spiral no space-X reinforce fishing rod body,with powder and beauty,effective in reducing the distortion of the fishing rod。when catching finshs,it reduce the breakage of fishing rod.

Improvment of cast precision and feel!

  • Model No:T82M
  • Length:2.46m
  • Piece:2
  • Closed length:174cm
  • Weight:390g
  • Pencil lures:70-170g
  • PE:6-8#
  • Carbon fiber:98.9%
  • Control powder:45°/25kg,60°/18.5kg,45°/16.5kg,90°/15kg
  • Fuji Kw bracket,sic guide ring




Related 70-170g pencil lure reference:







CHWPE series


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