Kmucutie is a manufacturer and supplier of soft fishing lures, including soft worms, soft grubs, soft shad, soft creature baits.

The soft fishing lures are all made up of quality soft plastic material, as well as rubber, silicone, BASF, TPR material, good capacity and bright colors; they could be added salt and other fishy smell to attract the fishes; good shape design to create lifelike swimming actions in water.


The soft fishing lures are mainly used for bass/crappie/saugeye/walleye fishing, usually combined with jig head, as well as lead head soft lures and rigged soft lures, which combined soft shad and lead jig well, for saltwater fishing.


Customized soft fishing lures are available, and we supply support for different sales chanels.


Products Show:

未标题-1 soft lures2


lead head soft lure kmucutie




How to cooperation?

  1. Agent sales

Using directly our brand and package “Sea sky fishing”  “kmucutie” soft fishing lures/baits for sales, no minimun quantity.

The soft lurs below:




CHSOFt33 Curly tail soft lure



 CHSOFT34 soft shad lure-34



 CHSOFt41 colorful soft shad lure



CHSOFt40 soft shad fishing lure



2. OEM Production

1) Reach our minimun quantity

2)Sign theOEM contract

3)Supply packing desin with your logo for free

4)Advise your website for free

5)Arrange your order priorly

6)Enjoy our discount and samples for new products


3. Copy Your Samples

You could send us the samples, we copy your samples to make the samples, and start the production.


Bulk fishing baits wholesle , find us now :

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doris hou

doris , all kind of squid jigs ,lead jigs wholesale export , welcome custom squid jigs and lead jigs , soft lures , any size and shape . free package design and drop shipping support.

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