Soft Fishing Lures-Soft Lure Set Wholesale Discount

We process the soft fishing lures below for sales promotion, and feedback our customers; the soft fishing lures are made up of quality PVC material, which is soft and durable;

With bright painting colors, lifelike surface and body, to creat active swimming actions in water.


The soft fishing lures are great fishing tool for bass and other fishes in freshwater.

Now 10% off for prices! Please catch the chance!


soft fishing lures wholesale











Packing Show:

In the plastic bag



Minimun quantity : 10 bags

Shipping way: Epack   EU Packet   EMS  TNT  DHL

Payemnt: PayPal  T/T


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doris hou

doris , all kind of squid jigs ,lead jigs wholesale export , welcome custom squid jigs and lead jigs , soft lures , any size and shape . free package design and drop shipping support.

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