Squid Jig 10pack with zip pouch

$15.20 $8.20


  • 10 popular colors for you to choose according different fishing situation
  • Prawn / fish imitation
  • Zip up squid Jig pouch included

  • This Squid Jig premium package contains 10 squid jig in a variety of colors, so take the guess work out of picking squid jigs yourself and have a package that has it all just swap over your jigs on your fishing line as required.
  • These Squid jig mimic a prawn or baitfish so with this in mind and knowing that crustaceans, prawns and small bait fish are a squids natural source of food these squid jigs are perfect imitations that will assist you in catching squid.
  • A Zip up pouch is included,so you can store your squid jigs with ease without getting caught up on everything.

Squid fishing tips:

Where: Not only are squid great to catch, they’re also quite abundant. The best spots are sea grass meadows and reefs, where they can find food and shelter, as well as a place to breed. They’re found in schools that range from two to two hundred, and are also attracted to man-made structures like rock breakwaters, mussel and oyster leases, boat moorings and jetty pylons.

When:Some of the best catches are made early in the morning and late in the evening. But if you’re fishing in an area with artificial lighting, like a pier or a jetty, you can fish all night. Also, in some deeper locations, squid can be taken right through the day.

What color: Pink used in cloudy days; Orange used in dusk or dawn of sunny day; Green used at noon when the water is clear or hot sun; Blue used at noon when the water is clear and the sun is hot; Yellow used on the beach.

How to fish: For the group line and tied, generating line usually take 1# PE line, firing line,  then connect the fluorocarbon line with GT binding method, add one special swivel, finally hang up the squid jig. Cast out the squid jig, let it sink then jig it all the way up to the surface and keeping it on the surface.

If you are fishing enthusiast or like to eat Calamari / Squid,  why not take a moment to relax and have a fish for them! 

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