Triangular Blades Spinner Bait CHHXL7711

The Kmucutie Spinner baits are built to excel in any situation that you might encounter on the water. Whether fishing on grass, wood, rocks, or open water, it slips through cover with ease.

Spinner baits can work in whole swimming layer, great for bass, carp, mandarin fish and snake-head fishing. They are designed for bass fishing and trout fishing, named bass lures and trout lures as well.



The weight of the finished product will increase by 8-10g.

Spinner baits info

Simulation fish head with extra large 3D vivid eyes, flared gills and hard coat paint, the lure undulating skirt attract fish.

Spinner bait features

The Spinner baits come with 2 triangular blades, hand-painted head with hand-tied silicon skirt, loop for line attachment, also equipped with swivel and jig hook.

Colorful skirt design

Imitation of small fish, the proved colors attract the attention of predatory fish.

Smooth running ball bearing and u clevis help double willow leaf blade 360 rotation freely, which stir the water and make noise to increase the temptation.

Target fish

Spinner-bait can be used in whole swimming layer.

Perfect for large mouth, bass, trout, carp, mandarin fish and snake head fishing.

Perfect for ocean,lake, river, reservoir, pond and stream.


We accept OEM.

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