Spinner bait CHHXL7713 7g/10g/14g/21g

Item number: CHHXL7713

Material: Metal+rubber

Size: 7g/10g/14g/21g

Package: Bag+insert card/Box+insert card.

Suitable for bass fishing and trout fishing, such as bass, pike, trout, ect.



The weight of the finished product will increase by 8-10g.

Bass Spinner Baits come with COPPER Willow Double-Blade enhance flash and vibration.

They spinner straight and buzz correctly,resist corrosion and not fall off.

The spinner bait lures has realistic hand-painted shaped head that allows it to come through cover very efficiently and remain perfectly balanced at any retrieve speed.
Cast and retrieve with erratic action simulating a wounded bait fish, allowing the buzz prop to turn and attract attention.
Buzz bait lures features a razor sharp hook for an increased hook up ration,as well as, a premium swivel that ensures continuous blade rotation at any speed.
More details please feel free to contact with: sandy@chentilly.com