Soft Plastic Squid Lure Lead Jig Luminous 40g CHLP28

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Soft Plastic Squid Lure Lead Jig Luminous 40g CHLP28

this vertical jigging lure assist with hook and octopus skirt, can be used directly.

Laser painting, much attractive

Luminous in dark water
Pencial style make the lead jig easy to sink

Octopus skirt hidden hook, Irresistible temptation
   We are factory manufactuer and international wholesale supplier for lead metal jigs, including slow sinking jigs, fast sinking jigs, weight ranges from 40g to 300g, with hundreds of models and designs to choose.

   As a professional wholesale supplier, you will find different designs here, 3D big eyes lead jigs, high grad hologram paper lead jigs.

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