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Kmucutie Fishing Tackle supply many kinds trolling lures, covering the entire spectrum of offshore pelagics. Whether high speed trolling for Wahoo, trolling for Tuna and Dolphin, covering large swaths of blurewater for Marlin or night time trolling for Swordfish, Kmucutie trolling lures are all you will ever need. Below is the soft  head trolling lures for big game fish.

Soft head skirts trolling lures 10 pcs one lot


Material: PVC soft head

Length: 4.5 inch 

Weight: 15 g 

Leader and hooks and be add as customers’ request.

Made of PVC head and PVC skirts.

Big 3D eyes and bright colors attract fish well.

Various skirts can be chose from.

OEM is available.

Soft head skrits trolling lures

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