Octopus Squid Chain CHDZ8


Item number: CHDZ8 Size: 9″  Material: PVC Hook: 8/0  Color: Green and red  and custom

Your ultimate fishing companion! With a chain of 5pcs vibrant red and green squids, rigged with a 200LB wire leader and 8/0 hook, this high-quality set is designed to entice trophy fish.

Packaged in a convenient Kmucutie bag, it’s ready for your fishing adventures. Elevate your game and order the Kmucutie Trolling Lure Set today! Happy fishing!

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Soft Body Squid Chain Red Green Bar Tuna Candy 9″ Big Game Fishing Daisy Chain Trolling Lure

This squid daisy chain features 5pcs 9″ soft body squids.
Rigged with 200LB wire leader and 8/0 hook.
Packed in Kmucutie bag.
Red and Green color available now.
We accept EOM.
More details please feel free to contact with sandy@chentilly.com

Experience the thrill of big game fishing with our Kmucutie 9-Inch Trolling Lure Set.

This meticulously crafted set features a captivating chain of 5pcs 9-inch soft body squids, designed to entice even the most elusive trophy fish.

Each squid in the Kmucutie Trolling Lure Set is rigged with a durable 200LB wire leader and an 8/0 hook, ensuring strength and reliability during intense battles.

The vibrant red and green colors of the squids are specifically chosen to attract attention and provoke strikes from a wide range of game fish species.

Packaged in a convenient and durable Kmucutie bag, the Kmucutie Trolling Lure Set is ready to accompany you on your fishing adventures.

The bag keeps your lures organized and easily accessible, ensuring you’re always prepared for action.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a passionate fishing enthusiast, this high-quality trolling lure set from Kmucutie is a must-have addition to your fishing gear collection.

Experience the excitement of reeling in trophy fish with the Kmucutie Trolling Lure Set.

Ready to elevate your fishing game?

Order the Kmucutie 9-Inch Trolling Lure Set today and get ready for thrilling fishing experiences like never before. Happy fishing!