Machine Bar soft skirt trolling lure


Spreader Bars were once the secret of the Northeast tuna fleets and has since become a sensation in the pursuit of big game fish.

The spreader bar creates a unique situation in the water, by creating the illusion of schooling bait and the commotion of birds which peaks the curiosity of big game fish.

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Item name Machine Bar soft skirt trolling lure
Size of soft lure 0.8m 6inch,0.8m 9inch
Material metal spreed + soft plastic bait
Hooks Mustad 7/0 and 8/0 hook
Colors mutli
MOQ 100sets/color
Package one set one plastic tube
Features Lifelike colors, 3D eyes, appearance nature.

Mustad super-sharp hooks.

Triggers an instinctive predator response.

One set packaged with one plastic tube, easy to take.