LED Fishing Light



1.Length 5cm, weight 8g

2.Color :white, red, blue, green, colorful

3.Cross-border package weight: 0.008 kg,Unit weight 0.008 kg

4.Product volume: 6.0 cm * 2.0 cm * 2.0 cm

5.Material: plastic


1.It will illuminate when entering the water, and the continuous flashing time is about 100 hours.

2.The overall pressure, crash, rust, explosion-proof, 100% waterproof design, can enter the water depth of 300 meters, AG3 battery once injection molding fixed, can not cycle replacement button battery.

3.The glue-inducing fish lamp product utilizes the sound and phototaxis of most fish species, and uses specific sound and light waves as an attracting factor to realize the call for attracting fish in the deeper and deeper waters, stimulating and attracting fish to swim or catch fishing.

4.To increase the fishing amount of fishing or angler’s working hours, it has a high economic value.