Kmucutie Trolling Skirt Tuna Lures Set


1.Made of resin head and PVC skirts.
2.Top quality PVC skirts,high simulation.
3.Silvery scales on skirts,more brightly.
4.Configure emulation insect secent,attract fish better.

Kmucutie Fishing Tackle supply many kinds trolling lures, covering the entire spectrum of offshore pelagics. Whether high speed trolling for Wahoo, trolling for Tuna and Dolphin, covering large swaths of blurewater for Marlin or night time trolling for Swordfish, Kmucutie trolling lures are all you will ever need. Unrigged acrylic head trolling lure match for many kinds big fish.

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Product Name
Trolling skirts lure
Link 5 color
Net bag


Immaculate resin head and shinning skirts. It has a tight swimming action and works in all conditions! Target Species: Marlin,Sailfish, Tuna, Kingfish, Dolphinfish, Barracudaand any game fish that swims! The best colour lure for any given day can be different so, the best way to make sure you are using a lure that the fish will respond to is to have a variety of colours available