Green machine style trolling lure CHOCT6


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Bullet head lures are proven to be very productive for catching all game fish species inshore and offshore. The Bullet-Nobs have a tapered pentagon, precision balanced weight with highly reflective Holographic finish. This lure can be trolled at higher speeds and slightly below the surface.

Bullet head green machine style unrigged trolling lures CHOCT6


Length: 12 inch

Weight: 65g

Bullet head green machine style trolling lures.

Maximum contrast with the highest visibility in all light situations.
Soft weighted head provides superb tracking in all sea and wind conditions.
Clear, tough, soft lure head with the clarity and beauty of polished resin.
Tough, tangle-free skirt. All colors refract light in the blue/violet spectrum that gamefish see best.
Teflon center tube to protect leader.
High Speed Trolling Lures up to 16 Knots
Superb Tracking




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