Flat Fall Jig CHQY066


Item name: Flat Fall Jig

Item number: CHQY066

Material: Lead

Size: 200g, 300g

Package: PVC bag

Color: Gold, Pink, Silver, Glow

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Design: The lead metal flat slow fall pitch fishing jigs Lures with attractive bright colors ,ideal for reflecting light and attracting fish from a significant distance.

Glow in the dark,which can be more attractive to target fish.The front and back of jigs are asymmetric, it will present a multiple actions under water.

Material: Sinking Vertical Jigging jigs are made from the highest quality material and hard to dent or damage.
Usage:Suitable for tuna, marlin, wahoo, majority of offshore species and any saltwater species.
Specification: Weight: 200g, 300g
Color: Multi colors.
OEM is accept.
More details please feel free to contact with me.