Fishing Lure Flash LED Light

Item name: Fishing lure led flash light

Color: Blue, red, white, green, color.

Cross-border package weight:  0.015 kg

Unit weight: 0.015 kg.

Product volume: 5.0 cm * 3.0 cm * 2.0 cm .

Length: 6CM Weight: 10 grams.

Duration :about 150 hours, single flashing color and three-color flashing water for 80 hours.

Depth rate: 600 meters.

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1. The enhancer is made from all decent materials including anti-corrosion coating metal, 3D inserted eyes, rigid clear light cover and strong split ring. All contribute to build an effective working fish catcher.

2. LED is water activated, light on automatically when it hits the water and automatically shuts off when out of water.

3. In freshwater, you can fish it for bass, trout, walleye, and pike. In saltwater, it brings you halibut, swordfish, tuna and dorado.

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