Mylar Flash Jigs CFF124


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Product name: Bucktail jigs
Size: 8.5cm-10g
Item Number: CFF124
Color: Vavious Colors
Package: OPP bags, with customized cardboard,

replaceable PVC packaging, each bag needs to add a certain fee.

Material: Lead head highlighting wire
MOQ: 1000pcs

Bucktail Jigs has realistic eyes, a blazing holographic color and a natural shape that glides through the water.

It features a sharp, strong hook for durability and is suitable for all species of fish. Unlike any other jig on the market, the new Bucktail Jig combines old-school materials with a unique design that brings the whole lure to life.

Made using a precisely-shaped head, the Jigs seperates itself from all other lures with its tantalizing gliding descent, which doesn’t fall or hang straight down, like other bucktail jigs.

Saltwater bucktails are the quintessential lure for catching predatory fish, particularly in the flats and shallows.

The profile and movement of the hair gives them the ability to mimic numerous scaled baitfish such as minnows, sardines, shiners and mullet.

As a result, this seemingly simple lure remains one of the most productive on the market.