colorful soft shad lure


CHSOFT41  soft shad fishing lure

Length: 70/100mm

Weight: 3/7g

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Kmucutie makes more styles and models of soft fishing lures, including soft worms, soft grubs, soft shad, soft creature baits.

The soft fishing lures are all made up of quality soft plastic material, as well as rubber, silicone, BASF,

TPR material, good capacity and bright colors; they could be added salt and other fishy smell to attract

the fishes; good design and shape swim in water like real fishes


CHSOFT41  soft shad fishing lure

Length: 70/100mm

Weight: 3/7g

3D big eyes, multi-color body, paddle tail, like real fishes

Soft plastic mateiral, and high capacity

Make vivid swimming actions in water

Could be used with jig head, great tool for bass fishing


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Packaging & Shipping

Package: OPP plastic bag or PET/PVC plastic box each lure or OEM.

Shipping: General around 10-20 days after sample confirmed,due to the order
Our  Service:
1. We supply samples to try the quality
2. We supply packing design for free, OEM available
3. We supply good after-sale service
1. When can I get the prices?
We feedback to customers in 24 hours at working days. Please leave meassage to me for your inquiry.
2. How can I get samples or products?
Please reply me the model number of your interested products, and quantity you may need.
After you are satisfied with the prices and shipping, please make payment to us, and I will send you samples.
3. What is the payment method? 
Paypal, T/T are available
4. What is the delivery time for mass production?
It depends on the product items, and quantity of your order, generally 7-25 working days.
For details, please contact with us.

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Free package design

What types of materials are you going to use?

PVC, PE, ZIP bag, OPP bag, Cardboard, PVC box, Pvc tube and other size and shape ( need MOQ )

How durable does this packaging have to be? How long does this package have to stay intact before consumer use?

Fishing lures package  design, help you building series products, Package include , PE bags, Cardboard . Low MOQ.(500pcs)
if you choice our box(kmucutie)

Help you building series products,  Package include , PE bags, Cardboard . Low MOQ.(500pcs)

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