Tasmanian Devil Fishing Lure


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Tasmanian Devil Fishing Lure Canberra Killer CHHL113 7g

1. Unique design allows lure to adjust to fish multiple depths and actions.

2. Tasmania’s Original Tasmanian Devil .

3. Great for all species and styles of fishing.

4. Target for : All Freshwater, All Saltwater, Australian Bass, Australian Salmon, Bream, Flathead,Mangrove Jack, Redfin, Tailor, Trout. Very popular lure.. Extremly good for catching trout, sea trout and salmon.. but can be used for almost any type of fish..

Tasmania’s original Tasmanian Devil allows for multiple rigging options and adjustments to create the unique action any angler desires. This lure has caught freshwater, saltwater, cold-water and warm-water species around the globe.  Don’t let your tackle box go incomplete on your next fishing vacation. Even works great to take the hook off and use as an attractor to your other favorite lures. 


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