Acrylic head trolling lure CHOCT1

Big Game Offshore Saltwater Fishing Trolling 11 INCH Marlin Skirt  Lure .

This is a Hawaiian style offshore trolling lure for Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo and other large gamefish. The head is made of hard  plastics and is outfitted with a Hook lock for improved performance and skirts of the highest quality

Deep concave head and long reverse taper makes this lure run well in most all sea conditions.  Works well on the flat line or the rigger.

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Item name
 CHOCT1 Acrylic head trolling lures
 Acrylic head and PVC skirts
 6” 7” 9” 11” 12” 14”
 One piece in a opp bag.
 1.Made of Acrylic head and PVC skirts.

2.More than 100 kinds skirts can be choosen from.

3.Experienced factory with skilled design team can meet your request.

4.This acrylic head trolling lure is target for : Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Mackeral, Kingfish, Ahi, Dolphinfish,   Barracuda, Wahoo and any game fish that swims!