5 pcs octopus skirt bait Big Game fishing lure tackle tuna lures sea trolling fishing lure salt water lures 11 inch 136 g


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78 in stock


Double Skirted

Deep concave head and long reverse taper makes this lure run well in most all sea conditions.  Works well on the flat line or the rigger. Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish and Tuna.

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Standard Super Chugger

Big Game Offshore Saltwater Fishing Trolling 11 INCH Lure Marlin OLC Skirt BLEM

This is a Hawaiian style offshore trolling lure for Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo and other large gamefish. Sold unrigged.


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The overall size of the lure is aprox. 11 inches, (skirts are left long so they can be trimmed to desired length) and the weight is approximately 136G

The head is made of hard  plastics and is outfitted with a Hook lock for improved performance and skirts of the highest quality