LED Fishing Light


  • Attract prawns, squid and fish to your favourite spot with these super bright led fishing lights
  • Squid self-illuminated green light and are more attracted to the green leds, where krill and phytoplankton are more attracted by blue LED. The white LED are a good general purpose fishing light.
  • Awesome underwater fish attractant.
  • Compact size for easy storage.
  • Industrial-grade, fully-submersible design.
  • Can be used both in fresh water and salt water.
  • Perfect light for crappie, shad and even squids.


Product Description

Item name 12V Lure Bait Finder Night Fishing Boat Submersible Deep Drop Underwater Light with Battery Clip
Material Plastic
Lamp Length 7inch
Wire length 15 foot
Power 8 Watts
Input Voltage DC 12V
Input Current <1 Amp.
Lumen  1000-1900 lumens
LED bulbs quantity 65
Color Green
MOQ 10pcs