Multi-color LED Fishing Light



1. Length:12cm.


3. material: plastic.

4.Color: blue light, white light, green light, red light.

5.Duration: for more than 20 hours


1.Multi-function to use it as a lure light in the water or indicator light on the floater.

2.The fishing attractor light is a fishing aid which uses lights attached to fish-line in the water to attract both fish and members of their food chain in order to catch them. If you never use it, try it, you will find there will be more fun when you fish.

3.Flash Modes: automatically flash when drop it into the water and the light goes out when out of water. 4.Waterproof and pressure resistant, especially suitable for fishing in deep harbor, bay and the ocean.

5.Effective LED Lure light for squid, squid, tuna and swordfish. 6.Super long lighting time, low power consumption, energy saving.