Waterproof Fish Lamp



1.Length:12cm and 17cm .

2.weight:25g and 35g.

3.size 17cm need 2 AA Battery,size 12cm need 1 AA Battery.

4.A shell of the packaging substrate is made of toughened glass and then sealed by a silicon rubber sealing ring. 5.Duration:100 hours


1.With the adoption of the design, the water corrosion can be prevented to the greatest extend so as to ensure the sealing property of the fish attracting lamp.

2.Durable waterproof casing ensures that the LED light can be completely submerged into water, up to 2,100 feet, and still be effective.

3.This attracting fishing lamp can be used in lakes, ponds, rivers, or for deep sea fishing; day or night, for commercial or personal use,and It is easy to use to store and to install.

4.Attracting fishing lamp can be exposed normally within 300 meters of water depth and sustainable use for 100h.