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    Big game fishing lures-including trolling board,trolling skirts,wooden lures,spreader bar and many other big game fishing lures We production man trolling lures, It's top producers for Tuna, Sails, Ono Wahoo, Dorado Mahi Mahi, Marlin, and all Big Game from East to West. Made of top quality PVC skirts. With lead in head, sink quickly. Pro rigged with 100 lb leader and…
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    More fishing lures
  • OEM and ODM

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    We provide oem and odm services.
  • Metal lures

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    Metal lures-Jigs, jig heads,bucktail jigs,rigs,spoons,spinner baits are the popular types of  fishing lure. We Kmucutie tackle can provide many different types based on different shapes and design; made up of quality lead/zinc/alloy material and durable steel jig hooks, bright patinting colors. They could also be used together with soft worms, soft grubs, and soft shad fishing lures to create perfect fishing tool for…
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    fishing hooks wholesale, tuna circle hooks and big game fishing hooks, orgin, BKK, VMC, Mustad
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    Wholesale bait casting reel, spinning reel and jigging fishing reel, big game fishing reel, custom package and logo.
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    Jigging fishing rods Slow jigging fishing rods Lead jigging fishing rods Saltwater fishing rods Freshwater fishing rods Bass rods, Trout rods, Fly fishing rods. and custom your unique fishing rods for profession fishing rods manufacturer