CHZ5303 Sand Eel lures

Item Number CHZ5303
Name Sand Eel lures
Length 12cm/15cm/20cm
Weight 14g/21g/40g
Colors Orange/grey/blue/black and so on.
Package 3 pieces in a box, with blister card in.
MOQ 300 boxes
Trade terms FOB/CIF/CFR/EXW
Payment terms T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Trade assurance and so on.


Fish attracting holographic colours
Rigged and ready with premium Mustard Ultra Point Hooks
Ultra Soft Body with built in lead head
Controlled sinking action for perfect fishing depth
Lifelike three dimensional eyes
Swim actions that fish find irresistible.

成体路水印 小600


Color chart:

color chart



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Categories: lead head soft lures

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