You are currently viewing Saltwater fishing quality products suppliers, Factory price and in stock wholesale

Saltwater fishing quality products suppliers, Factory price and in stock wholesale

Bucktail Jigs are simply the best jigs you’ll ever throw.

Hand-tied with a premium bucktail and an added accent of colored mylar, these jigs produce an amazingly life-like bait fish profile.

The hooks are super strong and the head design gives them a very realistic motion under the water.

Jigs are one of the most versatile artificials you can use, and Bucktails are excellent for casting, jigging or trolling.

Eyes: 3D holographic fishing bait eyes

Color: green/white, pink/white, purple/white

Five sizes available: 7g / 1/4oz———-hook size 1/0 14g / 1/2oz——–hook size 3/0 28g / 1oz———-

hook size 4/0 42g / 1 1/2oz—– hook size 5/0 56g / 2oz———–hook size 5/0

Main products and services:

1)For Jigging fishing: 40g 60g 80g 100g 120g 160g 200g etc Lead jigs, Full metal Jigging reels, Assist Hooks, Strong Snap and swivel, 9000,10000,12000 spinning reels, Jigging rods.

2)For Trolling fishing: 4.5”, 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 11” soft, hard, metal head double skirt trolling lures, Circle hooks and tuna hooks, 4x,6x fishing lines. Big game fishing reel. Spear bar( 4 Arm, 6 Arm, 9 arm etc),Trolling rods.

3)For Egging fishing( 2#, 3#, 3.5#, 4# squid jigs and egging color set) egi rods.

4)Quick assemble and custom unique products for your order.

5)The above fishing use accessory, package etc.
Help your growing fishing tackle business 100 pcs wholesale price, 1000 pcs factory price, and Quality guarantee. For Fishing tackle shop, Outdoor shop, Fishing men, Captain, Guide, Gift….
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