Real logistics order, including volume, weight, arrival time

Including outer box size and weight

Delivery time and cost

For our real order.

Bait details:
1oz pink 300pc
1oz green 300pc
1oz chrome 300pc
1oz olive 280pc
1oz bone 300pc

3/4oz pink 300pc
3/4oz green 300pc
3/4oz chrome 420pc
3/4oz olive 200pc
3/4oz bone 300pc

Total 3000pc

Package detail:
Carton size:38*22*27(15 carton)
Weight:7.35kg ,7.2kg,6.95kg,7.3kg,7.25kg,7.25kg,7.4kg,7.3kg,7.65kg,7.55kg,7.7kg,7.6kg,7.65kg,7.75kg,7.85kg

Total 111.75kg

Choice of transportation method:

1.Shipping model:Fedex
Shipping cost: 1000usd
Shipping time:about 3-7 days

2.Alibaba Online Logistics
Shipping cost:625usd
Shipping time:8-20days

FedEx’s customers report that the unit price of transportation this week has increased compared to before,

so the shipping cost is 1000usd.

For more info, ask us.