wooden lures

wooden lures and GT popper

wooden lures manufacture and wholesale from kmucutie.

Our wooden lures include  wooden popper,wooden pencil,wooden stick bait,wooden jerk bait etc

Our wood lures material is basswood or poplar wood

Different types and sizes to meet the different target fish.

wooden lures is the best choose in big game for tuna,GT,king-fish,sailfish etc.

It can use in top water from freshwater and saltwater.

It is widely export to USA,Australia,Canada etc

Why choose us?

1. Top engineer with 16 years experience from kmucutie

2. 7 years experiences in fishing reel development and  manufacture.

3. Japanese gear machine to make sure the smooth gear feeling.

4. We pay attention on every details and do IPQC in every process

5. All important part are made by ourselves to keep the quality stable.

6. OEM, ODM (your brand) , OBM(our brand) business are available.

7. We could design according to customer request.

Joint us and inquiry us,you will get more information from us.

Hope our fishing tackles can improve your funny and add your fishing tackles sale business.

Have any needed,contact me.

I will provide the best service at time.

joint us

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  • 105g wood popper

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  • wood fishing tackle

    110mm wooden popper

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  • floating wood lure

    115mm wooden popper

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  • stick bait lure

    120mm wooden popper

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  • have a good swimming action. It can emerge surface after put into water. When impact water ,the popper makes a deep “blooping”sound,generating a subtle surface commotion to attract predators.

    140mm wood lure

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  • wood fishing tool

    140mm wooden lure

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  • 140mm wooden popper

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  • kingfish lure

    155mm wooden popper

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  • 16/18/22cm wood lure

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  • 165mm wood popper

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  • wooden popper

    165mm wooden popper

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  • 175mm wood lure

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Showing 1–12 of 45 results