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Kmucutie Weekly Sales Promotion


Kmucutie Epoxy Resin Jigs
Kmucutie Epoxy Resin Jigs Single Hook for Mackerel, Bonito, Striped Bass Tuna


Size: 0.75oz 1oz 1.5oz 2oz

Color: Mixed 5 colors as shown.

Package: PVC bag

Kmucutie Tuna Trolling Lures 
Big Game Fishing Bait Marlin Tuna Trolling Lures


Composition: One piece 5-inch plastic bird lure+ 4 pieces 4.5-inch feather hair trolling lure and one 6/0 stainless steel hook.

Loops pretect front and back. Professionally rigged with 100lb test mono.

It has a tight swimming action and works in all conditions!


Kmucutie 6 inch Rigged Marlin lures
Trolling lures with mesh bag Tuna Kingfish Big Game


Colors: 6 Mix colors

lure Size: 6 inch 42g

Fully rigged, ready to attach to your coastlock swivel

Stainless Steel Hooks

Washable fold up bag

Immaculate head and skirts

Kmucutie 5pcs Noisy Squid Jigs
Saltwater Fishing Lures Glow Squid Jigs


Squid jig size: 3.5#

Length: 13cm

Weight: 19g

Pack: 5pcs/pack