Item: CFF002

  • 25 g 1oz weight and six colors available to choose
  • The bucktail jig is a greater catcher for the predatory fishes, with natural material and luminous lead head, glow in water, providing greater attraction for the fishes, especially when they are avoiding to attack the conventional baiits.
  • The jig provides greater resistance of the attack of fish with teething, ensuring the bait obtain several catches without losing the efficiency.
  • The jig is the secret weapon that you can not miss in your fishing tackle

More jig design, please contact with me!

 Item: CHOCT1

  • 11” Acrylic Head Octopus Trolling Skirts Lure
  • Size: 11” 135g
  • PMMA head with PVC skirts
  • Lifelike big eye make a real fish design
  • Colorful skirts with glitter, customzied colors available
  • For big ganme fishing, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and big fishes

The most important :
  • This Bucktail Jig is Flounder and Stripe bass Candy.
  • In stock fishing lure quick delivery !
  • OEM service individual package— high qualitywholesale— low MOQFBA service
  • Whether you are a online or offline retailer,  a fishing tackle or a trading company , a wholesaler or manufacturer that deserve to owned this bucktail jig!!
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