Our offshore trolling lures are made from aerospace resin, our lures will not crack, break, chip or discolor.Our unique molding process requires no extra polishing after molding which guarantees all kmucutie lures will consistent and run the same all the time. Whether targeting marlin, tuna, sailfish, wahoo,mahi-mahi,swordfish,kmucutie lures are the choice fro novice and professional anglers all over the world

Our inserts are positioned and balance to run consistently all the time and lure shanks are designed for the easy tie on skirts so no glue or adhesives are needed.Heads come in various shapes such as jet heads, slants, cupped, flats, pushers, darts, teasers and our soft flex tubing is designed to prevent nicks and chafing on mono line.
Kmucutie lures cover the entire spectrum of offshore pelagics.Whether high speed trolling for wahoo, trolling for tuna and dolphin, covering large swaths of blue water for marlin, or night time trolling for swordfish,kmucutie lures are all you will ever need

kmucutie trolling catch
kmucutie trolling lures catch

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