Kmucutie is a new brand of fishing lures. Our products include hard fishing lures, soft fishing lures, spoon and spinner baits, wood and lead jigs, as well as octopus skirts fishing lures and so on.


Why choose us?

  1. Our own lure factory to ensure the quality.
  2. Good packing with our own logo.
  3. Quick delivery, long relationship with TNT DHL Fedex EMS
  4. Save time and money for you.


How to be our distributor?

  1. Send us your business information.
  2. Send us which type of fishing lures are you interested in.
  3. Our professional sales will contact you for details.


Please contact me to talk about the details … 

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Categories: Fishing lures

doris hou

doris , all kind of squid jigs ,lead jigs wholesale export , welcome custom squid jigs and lead jigs , soft lures , any size and shape . free package design and drop shipping support.

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