CHSQUID2 Hydro Squirt Lure

Model Hydro Squir Model
Size 235MM / 45G
Swimming Motion Trolling
Hooks Sharp and High Penetration Hooks
Eyes Large 3D Laser Eyes
Colors As shown in photo’s.
MOQ 200pcs
Package Opp bag
Trade terms FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW and so on
Payment terms T/T, Western Union, Ali Secure Payment, Trade Assurance, Paypal and so on.
Features Hard body with long flowing tentacle skirt.

Heavy duty through wire helps to stay hooked upped.

Trolling speed up to 10 knots.

Dive depth up to six feet.

Specifically designed for kingfish,snapper,jewfish,tuna, and a lot more game fish species.

A perfect trolling lure with an incredible translucent finish that mimics one of nature’s best baits, the Hydro Squirt is perfectly suited for either casting or trolling to nearly any saltwater gamefish! It’s irresistible finish, tough through-wire construction, and super-sharp hooks make this a must-have for anglers.
Brand new Hydro Squirt Lure.These Lures are an excellent squid imitation designed for cast or troll lure.

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