fishing tackle We have many years of experience in this fishing tackle, and have worked hard to reduce the risk for all of our customers.

Our multi-faceted and highly skilled team can handle all aspects of your project from beginning to completion.

How to Work

Three main performance areas of fishing tackle business:

Quality, Cost, On-time delivery , find balance for the 3 point.

Our process includes the following steps:

 First sign Non-Disclosure Agreement contract.
1) Target market and information sharing:
we’ll need to receive critical information for products and target market that is pertinent to your product.
Please send us examples ,photos drawings, and more.

2) Made sample and building model for new products. and arrange product test.
like as in water action for fishing lures. arrange to river lure fishing, lake lure fishing ,
sea fishing for china sea and world test team.  for marlin, tuna, octopus, big mouth bass, sea bass,
trout etc.

3) Selecting perfect factory
Do not look for the biggest factory, the lowest price, or an (often meaningless) ISO9001 / CE certificate.
every factory has owner best products. like as lead lure or soft plastic lures.lures-test-set

or fishing hooks, it’s need many different production line and different works. and every has unique features,
or need sophisticated equipment( for CNC fishing reel) or need many skilled works(fishing line to jigging hooks)
we will accept no less than three separate bids from factories interested in working with us.

4) Bulk production. QC check and week report . Delivery time , cargo or sea shipping . Reliability logistics company with DHL, TNT, Fedx , China EMS.

Products we serve

Main products:

Fishing rods, fishing lures, fishing reels, fishing line, fishing accessory, inflatable fishing boat, fishing boat, fishing wader, fishing hooks.

Special series:

Carp fishing series. rods, reels, lines,  pliers, box, wader, lures etc.

Trolling fishing series. Trolling lures, Jigging rods, PE lines,Trolling Rods, Jigging Trolling reels.

Fly fishing series. fly fishing rods, lines, fly fishing hooks.

The key points of our mission statement include:

Reducing manufacturing  Sourcing risk :

share our 11 years ago experience for fishing tackle. We always look for ways to improve the quality of a products, and  guarantee bulk goods same sample. 

Reduce Costs : Save time, design new product, quick made sample, modify.

Improve Reliability :

We make the manufacturing experience easy and enjoyable. Our customer service staff is second to none, and we work hard to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction during each step of the manufacturing process.

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