DURABLE: Premium plastic shrimp body with stainless steel octopus hook, the squid jig shrimp lures allow for maximum strength when fighting big squids.
LIFE-LIKE: Realistic 3D fish eyes and detailed flash fabric surface with bright colors make the squid jig like a real baitfish, luminous tail is especially ideal for deep-sea fishing.
VIVID ACTIONS: Feather wings make the sinking angle more natural, streamlined body and curved chest lead make glow squid jigs sink and swim vividly.
A MUST HAVE: Ideal for fishing squid, octopus, cuttlefish, etc. at night or murky water.

3D Fish Eyes

Lifelike fish eyes makes it look like a real shrimp, increase the rate of squid hooking.

Special Cloth

Special fabric cloth wrap on the surface can increase friction and greatly reduce the chance of squid escape.

High Quality Hooks
Strong and sharp hook is fast piercing and super durable, making them effective for even the strongest squid.

Streamlined Body

Streamlined shrimp body help squid jigs to maneuver water, effectively reduces resistance, make swimming more realistic.

Knife-type Lead Piece
Controll the sinking angle, knife-shaped curvature is convenient for reducing the friction of the water and sliding through the obstacles.