We specialized in fishing tackle  and  support a variety of channels such as distributors, wholesalers, have been pushed to the clients.
    We looking foward the distributors and wholesalers from all over the world to join us. Together expand your local market and improve your business.

 Kmucutie cooperation modes:

a)sale agent

Directly use our company “Kmucutie”trademark and package for sale.non-limited minimum order quantity.

Conventional products as follows:

1. belly inflatable fishing boat


For better service to our customers, we also accept special requirement for OEM/ ODM products.It‘s the OEM /ODM customers’trusted professional supplier.We accept customer‘s own designs and OEM design orders.

We look forward to working with more OEM/ ODM distributor and partners, and create a better future!

You have to reach the minimum order quantity and sign the OEM/ODM confidential production contract.Meanwhile,you will enjoy the service as follows:

1. free design package with your brand or logo

2.free promotion website

3. priority production

4.enjoy a variety of discount irregular

5.give priority to the sample when new products coming

c)Sample processing

Addition, we can also process according to our customer‘s samples, guaranteeing high quality and excellent service.
1.fist step: delivery your sample to us
2.second step:make a proof according to your sample
3.third step: send the proof for you
4.Fourth step: volume production
Are you a reseller looking to improve your margins? We want to help!
Welcome  apply for our wholesale discount program now!

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