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Epoxy Jigs on Demand: Any Spec You Require, We Can Deliver

You need custom resin jigs and you need them now. No problem, we’ve got you covered. At Epoxy Jigs on Demand, we can make any size or weight jig you require with a fast turnaround. Whether you need a few dozen lightweight jigs for some weekend angling or a large bulk order of heavyweight jigs for your commercial fishing operation, our innovative manufacturing process can deliver what you need, when you need it. We know that in the fishing world, timing is everything. When the fish are biting, you need your gear ready to go. With our just-in-time model, we’ll have your jigs shipped out within 48 hours of receiving your order so you’ll never miss the opportunity to land that prize catch. The fish wait for no one, so get your order in now and we’ll have you hooked up and reeling them in in no time.

Customize Your Jigs With Our Epoxy Blanks

We offer epoxy jig blanks that can be customized to your exact specifications. Tell us the shape, size, weight, color, inclusion or pattern you want and our craftsmen will make it happen.

Need a custom jig profile to match your lure design? Send us a sketch or CAD file and we’ll replicate it precisely. Want a specific density to get your lure or fly to the perfect swimming depth? We can create blanks from 6 pounds per cubic foot all the way up to 20 pounds or higher.

Looking to add some color or glow elements? No problem, we frequently add dyes, paints, and photoluminescent or glow in the dark powders to our epoxy mixes. Want to embed natural materials like wood, feathers or stones in clear epoxy? We’re experts at inclusions and can distribute add-ins evenly or cluster them together depending on your vision.

The options for customization are endless. Do you want swirls or marbling effects? Chips of crushed stone? Glitter? Shavings of antler or bone? You dream it, we’ll make it a reality. Our epoxy experts are highly skilled at manipulating viscosity, pour times, and layering techniques to achieve stunning results.

We take immense pride in crafting unique, made-to-order epoxy blanks and components that reflect your brand and complement your product designs. Custom jigs are a key part of making your lures stand out, so let us create the perfect blanks to give you a competitive edge. Whatever specifications you require, we can deliver.

The Many Sizes of Epoxy Jigs We Offer

We offer epoxy jigs in a wide range of sizes to suit any need. Whether you require a small jig for intricate parts or an oversized jig for massive components,

we can deliver.

Our standard jig sizes start at 1 inch square and go all the way up to 24 inches square, but we can make them even larger on request. We understand that one size does not fit all, so we aim to provide as much flexibility as possible. If there’s a specific size you need, just let us know the dimensions and we can create a custom jig to match.

In addition to size, we can vary the depth and shape of the jigs. Standard depths range from 1/2 inch to 6 inches deep, but again, deeper jigs are available on request. As for shape, square and rectangular jigs are most common, but we also regularly produce circular, oval, and irregularly shaped jigs to suit the part.

The weights of the jigs will also depend on the size and material used. Our jigs can be made of aluminum, steel, or high-density plastics like polyethylene or polypropylene. Aluminum and plastics are good for smaller jigs, while steel is better for larger sizes where more weight is needed to keep the jig stable during casting and curing.

In short, whether you’re looking for a tiny, lightweight jig or an enormous, heavy-duty one, we have the capabilities to produce epoxy jigs of practically any spec. So when you need a custom jig made to your exact requirements, just give us a call. We’re here to help in any way we can.

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Choose Your Ideal Weight for Resin Jigs

When choosing resin jigs, the weight is an important factor to consider for your needs. Lighter jigs are typically better for finesse fishing in clear water where fish can see the line, while heavier jigs will get deeper and stay in place better in current or wind.

Ultralight Jigs (1/80-1/16 oz)

The lightest jigs, from 1/80 to 1/16 oz, are ideal for crappie, bluegill and other panfish in calm, clear water. They allow for a very natural presentation and won’t spook easily spooked fish. Ultralight jigs can also work great when vertical jigging for suspended fish. However, their light weight means they won’t cast as far and can be difficult to keep in place in any current.

Light Jigs (1/8-3/8 oz)

A versatile, all-purpose weight range, light jigs from 1/8 to 3/8 oz will work in most situations for a variety of species like bass, walleye, and trout. They cast well and have enough weight to stay in place, while still allowing for a subtle, natural action that won’t alarm fish in clear water. This weight range is a great place to start if you’re not sure what you need.

Heavy Jigs (1/2 oz and up)

Heavier jigs, 1/2 oz and larger, are meant for deeper water, heavier cover, and areas with more current or wind. Their greater weight allows for longer casts and helps them punch through vegetation. They also get down deeper faster for bottom hugging fish like catfish. However, the heavier the jig, the less natural its action and the more likely it is to spook skittish or inactive fish in clear, calm conditions.

In the end, you need to determine how deep you want to fish, the conditions you’ll be in, and what species you’re after. Choose a jig weight that will suit your needs and adjust as necessary. Having a variety of weights on hand will ensure you have the right one for any situation. With the range of affordable resin jigs available, you can keep your tackle box well-stocked.

Pick Any Color Combination for Your Unique Jigs

When it comes to resin jigs, the options for colors and color combinations are endless. We can create jigs in any shade or hue you desire. Whether you want high-visibility colors for your jigs or more natural tones to blend into the environment, we’ve got you covered.

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Bright, Bold Colors

If you’re looking to make a statement with your jigs, consider choosing a vibrant color like fire engine red, neon orange or bright yellow. These attention-grabbing shades are perfect for jigs you want to spot easily amid vegetation or in low light conditions. They are also great for attracting attention to your presentation.

Natural, Camouflaging Colors

For a more subtle look, select earthy tones that blend into natural surroundings like forest green, dirt brown or stone gray. These muted shades work well for jigs meant to appear realistic and natural. They help your jig seamlessly assimilate into the environment without startling fish.

Custom Color Matching

If you have a particular color scheme in mind for your jigs that you can’t find in our standard color options, we offer custom color matching services. Send us a sample of the color you want, and we can create an epoxy resin dye to exactly match your desired shade. We can also do multi-colored and layered effects to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind jigs tailored to your needs.

In addition to choosing a single color for your jigs, you can also select color combinations to create beautiful, vivid patterns. A mix of complementary colors like blue and orange or red and green make eye-catching jigs certain to attract attention. Contrasting shades like black and white also provide stunning results. With full control over colors and unlimited combinations possible, the options with epoxy jigs are endless. We look forward to working with you to design custom jigs in the perfect colors and color combos for your needs.

Get Fast Turnaround on Your Custom Epoxy Jig Orders

When you need custom epoxy jigs fast, we’ve got you covered. Our specialized equipment and experienced technicians enable us to produce high-quality epoxy jigs according to your exact specifications, no matter the size or quantity, and deliver them quickly.

Rapid Prototyping

Using 3D printing technology, we can create prototypes of your epoxy jig designs within days. This allows you to test the jigs, provide feedback, and request any design tweaks before we proceed to full production. Our iterative process ensures the final jigs meet your needs precisely.

Skilled Craftsmen

Our team has years of experience crafting custom epoxy jigs for diverse industrial applications. They are experts in materials selection, CAD design, 3D printing, CNC machining, molding, and casting techniques to build high-performance, long-lasting jigs according to our clients’ unique requirements. You can count on us for precision, quality, and reliability.

Fast Turnaround

We understand that speed and responsiveness are priorities for many of our clients. That’s why we’ve optimized our entire process, from initial design through to manufacturing and shipping, to deliver your custom epoxy jigs as quickly as possible. For standard jigs, we aim for completion within 3 to 5 business days. We also offer rush services for exceptionally fast delivery when needed.

For custom epoxy jigs made to your exact specifications, with rapid turnaround and a commitment to quality, contact us today. We have the skills, technology, and capacity to build the jigs you need—any size, shape or quantity—and get them to you without delay.


So there you have it. If you need specialized epoxy jigs for your manufacturing or production line, our company can deliver exactly what you need with short lead times and high quality. They have the experience, equipment, and expertise to produce resin and epoxy jigs for any application or industry. Whether you need a few prototypes or high-volume production runs, these guys have you covered. With competitive pricing and great customer service, what have you got to lose? Give them a call or send over your requirements and they’ll get you a quote promptly. Your perfect custom epoxy jigs are just a phone call away. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today and they’ll have you up and running with the jigs you need before you know it.

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