When a finesse approach is needed to get a few pelagics to go, try our  Pusher Trolling Lure. This  one is just the right size for running a long or short line off a rigger, especially behind a bird teaser. At 6–10 knots, it creates a thin bubble trail that just gets dolphin, tuna, wahoo, and smaller billfish overly excited. This lure is best rigged with a 6/0 ,  7/0 or 8/0 hookset.

  • Smaller bait is ideal for a finesse approach
  • Creates a thin, fish-attracting bubble trail
  • Deadly for dolphin, tuna, wahoo, small billfish, etc.
  • Suggested trolling speed: 6–10 knots
  • Rig with a 6/0 or 7/0 hookset
  • Colorful skirt with 6 holes in head as the eyes
  • 7 inch/ 32 g


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