Wooden popper lure for a big game.

From our catching fishes picture,you will find it is a best choice for catching big fishes such as tuna,swordfishes etc

It can suitable for freshwater and saltwater.

Target place for ocean beach fishing,ocean boat fishing,ocean rock fishing,lake,river,reservior

Our CHWPP series wooden popper lure  use in high quality material of basswood or poplar wood.

It have a bright color to attract fishes and stainless ring to improve strength

Model CHWPP3
Length 180/200mm
Weight 150/170g
MOQ 100pcs
Colors 5+ to choose or customized
Payment Paypal.WU.Credit card,ESCROW
Delivery within 10 days

wooden popper lure

wooden popper lure

Catching fishes

wooden popper lure图片2

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