CHOCT6 unique colorized long head trolling lures

  • Magnum-sized skirted troller
  • Ideal for high-speed trolling, on cable, down deep
  • Deadly for wahoo, also larger dolphin, tuna, billfish, etc.
  • Suggested trolling speed: 7–15 knots
  • Fishes well from rigger and flat line positions
  • Rig with an 8/0 or 9/0 hookset
  • Colorized circularity in head
  • Bullet shape head make it  more smooth  for swimming

This unique trolling lure features long circularity in head .  colorful and long skirts  which make it to be the number one to dive  to the deep water and then return to the surface.  This is an outstanding, super-versatile choice for high-speed wahoo trolling! Fish it down in the water column, behind a large trolling lead rigged with cable and these streakers will jump all over it—as will larger dolphin, tuna, wahoo and billfish.


















































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