Topwater pencil fishing lure is a grat fihshing tool for freshwater fishing, fishes like bass, crappie, pike and so on.

If you do not know the fishing skill of pencil, it is difficult to catch fishes with pencil. After throwing the fishing lure,

please pull fishing rod head with fixed action while recovering the line, no stopping and no speed changing; the length

of fishing rod is decided by the actions you want, a long length make a slower recovering speed and a bigger and slower action.

88mm 12.4g new printing hard pencil fishing lure

Quality ABS plastic material, stainless steel treble hook

Alloy weight inside body, slow sinking pencil fishing bait

Streamline body make beatiful swimming actions





CHMN48-6 CHMN48-5 CHMN48-4CHMN48-8

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