Share resource for local market:
with over 200 cooperative partner in manufacturing, trading and distribution business, we has by internet marketing access to Chinese wholesalers, dealers, distributors and importers, with integrated online and offline marketing strategy.
We provide the following services :
China PPC Service
Google PPC Service
Baidu PPC Service
Sogou PPC Service
Baidu Marketing Service
Sogou PPC Service
China Online
China B2B Marketing
Online Marketing Service
China Distribution Service
Quick into china market, we sell the products through our distribution channels both online and offline.
promote the products to our connected distributors  and wholesalers.
Localization Advertising for china, we focus on fishing tackle design, production, inspect, QC and import.
High efficiency : you  can work together for us, many profession fishing tackle assistant,  her can help you quick promoting the Chinese market .

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