lead metal jigs

There are great many reasons that deserve to owned these lead metal lure

Lead lure-CHLP21/CHLP60/CHLPSL11

Kmucutie Slow sinking lead lure                            
lead lure
  • Reach to strike zone faster  than other centered weight jigs
  • Reflective sticker generate great reflection in order to draw more fish's attention
  • Super strong assist hook system certainly increase your landing rate
     weight   20G  40G  60G  80G  100G  120G  150G  180G
 Item number: CHLP60

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lead metal jigs

jig heads

Jig heads supplier This jig head is made up of quality lead, with environmental-friendly painting colors Customized colors and weight are available; Various bright colors to choose, flashers available, luminous color is available; Product Name: Read more…

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