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Wholesale fishing tackle from china. One step solutions for fishing tackle business. including fishing lures , fishing rods, fishing knife, fishing net, fishing wader. More than 60000+ SKU for  fishing lures, Free sample available and delivery within 3 days, Factory price for wholesale, Totally package design free.

One step solutions for fishing lure business. you Can

Made you unique fishing lures, fit you market and target fish. change famous hooks, like Mustad, VMC, BKK  or Japan hooks and accessory . Find no-Logo package quick begin sale . Dropping shipping small order for us.
Our company is specialized in supply competitive fishing tackle and service for fishing tackle, outdoor sports, game fishing and water sports company and stores by self-developed quick response fishing tackle supply chain system.

Fishing hooks we produce two series: KMU-HS stainless steel hook and KMU-HC high-carbon hook with production ability 1 million pieces per day. Kmucutie® and Alfacutie™ are our registered trademarks.

15Dec 2017

find us, saltwater fishing tackle one-stop suppliers. you can find support 5000+ SKU, include 5 catalog for fishing tackle. real vivid and clear picture and EXW factory price. retail package design for local market. and value pre-sales services working together you. More detail products, please visit www.kmucutie.com Welcome join us and sale more fishing tackle to you […]

18Dec 2016

Thanks for your interest in Kmucutie & Chentilly Trading. We specialize in fishing tackle support for wholesale companies. Our core expertise is building sustainable and predictable fishing tackle products and services. More than 3000+ fishing lures , and development every years..   Totally package design free Sort Catalog by fishing DHL, TNT Partner OEM ,private […]

14Dec 2016

Inventory system in real-time, join us and  get account . you can get all kind of fishing lures quantity , spec and color , include hooks types ,size . package etc.   Get  TNT, DHL, EMS and other logistic  track number , if you buy sample within  3 work days.  

20Nov 2016
fishing tackle e-commerce web site

Fishing tackle E-commerce Solution On time, Save time, Low Cost e-commerce solution. Offering web design service on alibaba for over 2 years. Fishing tackle wholesale over 10 years. Sales and services team Average average Over 5 years. Only for fishing tackle, include wholesale, retail by internet or fishing tackle shop increase sales volume. What we offer: A […]

07Oct 2016

Features and specifications for kmucutie squid jigs wholesale Kmucutie fishing tackle supply different molds of squid jigs, ABS plastic material, luminous body, 3D eyes, lifelike real shrimp;Sizes: 1.5# 1.8# 2.0# 2.5# 3.0# 3.5# 4.0# 4.5# 5.0#; including different molds and sizes; such as luminous ones, glitter cloth ones, single or doule fan-shape hooks. Firstly the squid […]

23Aug 2016

Kmucutie fishing tackle wholesale suppliers Find best agent / fishing tackle wholesale How to join us ? Read our distributor page and about us Find customers  get sample , like as fishing rod, fishing reel , fishing lures or other fishing tools. Trial order to us Running fishing tackle business together us. Why join us ? […]

14Aug 2016

Share resource for local market: with over 200 cooperative partner in manufacturing, trading and distribution business, we has by internet marketing access to Chinese wholesalers, dealers, distributors and importers, with integrated online and offline marketing strategy. We provide the following services : China PPC Service Google PPC Service Baidu PPC Service Sogou PPC Service Baidu Marketing […]