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20Feb 2018
kmucutie trolling lures

Lure size: 9inch; Hook: 9/0 stainless steel. Total weight: 106g Package: 6pcs/bag Material: Acrylic head(lead weight inside)+ PVC skirts Line:1.5mm Dia. pro rigged with 100lb, length around 52inch Superior construction enables you to fight the largest fish around strong swivel connects line directly to the lure, allowing perfect rotation Please note: the colors in the […]

17Feb 2018
Trolling lures

Species for: Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Mackeral, Kingfish, Ahi, Dolphinfish, Barracuda, Wahoo and any game fish that swims! Main trolling fishing lures and services: 1)Best for Marlin, Tuna, Dolphin, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo etc big game fishing. Trolling fishing lures: 4.5”, 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 11” Double Soft, Hard, Metalhead double skirt trolling lures, Circle hooks, and tuna hooks, Spreader-bar, Spreader Bar Squid Bar Big game fishing reel. Spear bar( 4 Arm, 6 Arm, 9 arms etc) 2)Quick assembly and custom unique products for your order. 3)The above fishing use accessory, package etc. Help your growing fishing tackle business 100 pcs wholesale price, 1000 pcs factory price, Quality guarantee. For Fishing tackle shop, Outdoor shop, Fishing men, Captain, Guide, Gift…  

16Feb 2018

Kmucutie CHWA2 150mm 75g 4 color popper Model number:CHWA2 Weight:75g Length:150mm Color: Mixed colors 1. Red elliptic mouth, strong temptation, hit water fiercely. 2. Laser effect body, reflect light well, have a strong temptation. 3. Conjoined stainless steel wire design has super tension. 4. Equipped with 3-times strengthen sharp and strong treble hooks. Feature:Red elliptic […]

16Feb 2018

Kmucutie trolling lures package 8Inch for 5pcs package 22cm package Easy carry package for trolling lures 11inch trolling lure package 4 pcs Big spreader bar package 9Inch 6pcs easy package Species for: Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Mackeral, Kingfish, Ahi, Dolphinfish, Barracuda, Wahoo and any game fish that swims! Main trolling fishing lures and services: 1)Best for […]

16Feb 2018

CHOCT3 Bullet head trolling lures for wahoo Item numberCHOCT3 Artificial trolling lures Materials Resin head PVC skirts Length 9 inch Weight 32g Colors Various colors Package One piece in an opp bag MOQ 200 pcs Features: 1.Bullet head lures are proven to be very productive for catching all game fish. 2.Double skirted and unrigged. 3.Perfect […]

03Jul 2017

9inch big game fishing trolling lure 6pcs/bag rigged skirted fishing lure Item name: big game fishing trolling lure Choct23 Size: 9inch Material: acrylic head( with lead in head)and PVC skirts Color: 6colors Package: 6lures per bag Feature: high quality, sink quickly, easy to carry, great for all saltwater fishing and all big game. Quality Updated: Head […]

07Mar 2017

Kmucutie fishing tackle supply trolling fishing lures, including trolling board, wooden lures, and trolling skirts lures. Trolling board lure wholesale Quality trolling board for deep sea fishing Strong line with bearing swivel Four different sizes available   Stock ones, smaller quantity is available. Customzied colors available Bigger quantity, better wholesale price.   We supply good […]

21Oct 2016

Trolling Lure Set  Marlin Lure Pack Wholesale Trolling lure set is a great fishing marlin package, supplied by Kmucutie fishing tackle. The marlin lure pack(including 6pcs 9” acrylic head skirts trolling lures) is very popular in market. It creat great effect for marlin/Wahoo and big fishes, which will bring you much fishing fun!   We now […]