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Casting jig metal reels

 Casting jig metal reels for offshore jigging fishing

        Magic Cast magnetic anti-backlash cast-control system
        Ratcheting lever drag with adjustable preset and strike-stop button
        Dual Direct Drive full-surface caliper brake system
        Switch between gear speeds without letting go of the handle
Maximize the potential of superbraids and lighter, composite rods for use on large fish.
The Raptor is small and lightweight for easy casting, yet packs the power to stop any fish in the ocean.
magnetic cast control uses patented adjustable-intensity polar amplification technology to create an efficient and simple anti-backlash system.
Two-speed gearing system allows you to switch speeds without letting go of the handle.
Ratcheting drag lever with with adjustable preset and strike-stop button prevents accidental advancement past strike.

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High Efficiency

     Save time and money for you based on internet technology

     Inventory system in real-time

     Stable relationship with TNT DHL EMS

 High Reputation

     60% orders from our regular customers

     Establish the sales system with you

 High Professionality

     Professional in fishing tackle production

     Professional service for packing design

     Professional customer service team

wholesale policy
  1. We supply good wholesale prices for all soft fishing lures.
  2. The minimun quantity depends on different models, please contact me for details.
  3. Packing:Big plastic bag/ PETE bag/Your private label packing design
  4. Quick delivery, based on good relationship with TNT DHL EMS
  5. Samples supplied to try the quality


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