Kmucutie Fishing Tackle supply hundreds of models and colors BASF material soft frog baits, mouse lures and soft bird lures, quality BASF material with strong hooks, lifelike real frogs, to achieve great fishing effect.

New designs and new shapes, in great quality, and perfect fishing effect.  Target fishes: bass, snakehead fishes, pike and so on.

We have our own brand “Kmucutie”,  and we welcome you to be our distributor or resellers of BASF material soft frog baits in your area and city.

We also supply packing design with your own brand, if you prefer to purcahse our products and develop your own brand.


Representative Products

BASF material soft frog baits

Our frog baits include soft frog lures, hard frog lures, soft bird lures, and soft mouse lures and so on. Hundreds of models and designs, and many colors for each model, made up of BASF material, and imported strong hooks.

BASF material soft frog baits

Jumping soft frog lure

Soft  Duck & Bird lure

Soft Mouse Lure


  1. Professional service team to meet your requirements for products, packing and delivery
  2. Hundreds of models for products, help you to catch the market in time
  3. Solving your problems related your purchasing plan, save time and money for you
  4. Whether you are owner of fishing tackle shop, distributors, wholesalers or fishing tackle company, we will supply you suitable products and service.
  5. 50% orders from our regular customers, thanks for trust from you!


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doris hou

doris , all kind of squid jigs ,lead jigs wholesale export , welcome custom squid jigs and lead jigs , soft lures , any size and shape . free package design and drop shipping support.

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