Baitball wholesale discount

The baitball fishing lures, which creat a group of fishes swimming in water, are more attractive for big fishes, become a popular and lifelike fishing lures in market.


We process the baitball fishing lures below, as a sales promotion, give our wholesale customers a discount prices;

We keep the baits in our warehouse, aim to achive quick delivery, and quantity limited;

Smaller quantity requirements for wholesale price, feedback fishing tackle shops


Sales Promotion Details:

Time: 20.Oct-31.Oct

Products: CHMN27 CHMN28 CHMN29 CHMN30

Details as below


CHMN27  Baitball wholesale crankbaits fish group

Sales Price:2.35USD/piece

baitball wholesale

Products name Bait ball hard lure
Model CHMN27
Original place Hebei Province, China mainland
Material ABS and lead weight
Color Various
Length 9.5cm
Weight 17g
Painting Enviromental Friendly UV Painting
Split Rings Quality 304 stainless Steel Split Rings
Hook Owner 4# hook
Eyes 3D eyes
Min oerder 20pcs
Samples Available
Depth 0-2.5m under water


Packing: OPP bag

The bait ball hard lure using a design of fish grills,  vivid color, can betterable attract the attention of fish.
The basic design for body fat( top heavy),strokes exaggerates swing amplitude, thus named (Rock Lure).

CHMN28 Baitball 3 fish group popper fishing lure

Sales Price:2.35USD/piece

baitball wholesale

Products name 3 fishes in one Baitball hard lure popper
Size 120mm / 27g (4.7in. /0.95 oz.)
Material Plastic and lead weight
Action Top Water Floating
Feature •Mimics a small school of floating baitfish

•Lifelike colors

•3D holographic eyes

•Two super-sharp No. 6 hooks

•Triggers an instinctive predator response



CHMN29  Baitball fishing lure wholesale minnow popper bait

Sales Price:2.4USD/piece

baitball wholesale

Size: 75mm 12.5g

Hook: #4 VMC, Mustad, BKK and Domestic China Origin Hook available.

Eyes: 3D Lase Eyes.

Painting: Enviromental Friendly UV Painting.

Split Rings: Quality 304 stainless Steel Split Rings.


CHMN30  Baitball Minnow Fishing Lure Wholesale

Sales Price:2.4USD/piece
baitball wholesale
Products name  90 mm 11g  Minnow Jerkbait lure Artificial lure hard lure
Size 90mm / 11g (3.55 inch. /0.3855 oz.)
Material Plastic and lead weight
Action Suspending
Feature •Mimics a small school of fleeing baitfish

•Appearance nature

•Lifelike colors

•3D holographic eyes

•Moderate-sized lip

•Two super-sharp hooks

•Triggers an instinctive predator response


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doris , all kind of squid jigs ,lead jigs wholesale export , welcome custom squid jigs and lead jigs , soft lures , any size and shape . free package design and drop shipping support.

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