A few of the great fishing destinations in south australia

Stansbury is legendary among those who visit York Peninsula regularly,situated on Oyter Bay only 2.5 hour drive from Adelaide.It has a great Jetty where you can catch Garfish,Big Blue Crabs,Tommy`s,Squid and at times some thumper Whiting.The Boat ramp is first class,2 lanes and accessible at all tides.The caravan Park is spot on to but book early it fills up quick during holidays.The back beach at Stansbury is good for Mullet in Autumn at high tide and raking for Bluey`s at low tise.
Wallaroo sprang to prominence in 2006 with new gulf ferry service and the tiny tourist town grew into major spot on the map with the new housing and marina develpment.With it came a new boat ramp 2 lane,pontoon,all tide it is world class.The main sought after species are Snapper outside the bay and squid and garfish.The Jetty is great for Blue crabs,Tommies,Garfish and Snapper.
Port Victoria is just a couple of hours drive from Adelaide and is one of the western York Peninsula towns that has really gone ahead in recent times.The town jetty is good for Squid,Snook ,gar and big Tommies at night.The boat ramp dual lane,all tide with boarding pontoon.Off sure the man target is Snapper,Big Whiting.Wardang Island protects the bay from strong off shore winds.Personally i have found this place the best for catching Squid anywhere off a jetty during winter.
Marion Bay is 278km from Adelaide down the bottom of York Peninsula near the Innes National Park.There are few locations that can match it for its deep water offshore fishing.The long jetty is legendary for its massive squid and there are thousouds of Mullet caught along the beaches from Easter onwards.The boat ramp is single lane and not recommended at low tide.Even at high tide its risky.Especially with boats.
Point Turton situated just a short drive from Warooka has become very popular in recent times with visiting anglers.The caravan park is most appealing to visitors for its close proximity to the jetty and boat ramp which is dual lane,all tide with boarding pontoon.Point Turton is renowned for its thumper King George whiting with Tommies and Garfish from the Jetty.Port Turton also has a charter service.

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