Snapper Jig
100 feet depth big Grouper and Snapper can be captured by this Snapper jig

Anglers, note that shallow, sandy floored areas are the domain of juveniles while older and larger snapper are, in general, found in rocky areas at depths of 100 feet or more. Regardless of your target depth, understanding the best lure for snapper fishing can increase your enjoyment on the water.These snapper jig lures are a leap ahead of the ball game.
Item number: CHLP75
Made up of heavy sliding head and the rubber fly, which wafts around and consists of light rubber tassels combined with two small, sharp hooks.

Presenting a rubber fly-type lure down very deep via a soft and flexible connection.

Two pieces super sharp ISEAMA brand hook.

Item number: CHLP27
Lead head and hooks are equipped with an enhanced connecting ring for replace soft baits quickly

Design for disassembly made it match the various hooks according to every condition

When it drag in the water, the swing lead hook can increase the effection of fishing lure
Item number: CHLP89 / CHLP87 / CHLP90

Octopus head jigs are essentially meant to mimic a small octopus or squid which are a much-loved protein source for snapper

Silicon skirt pulsating and making the lure look like a hovering or slow moving squid/octopus

It slips through the water and sinks far better than a soft bait


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